If you need a competent, affordable, foreclosure defense attorney or mortgage fraud attorney to help you save your home from foreclosure, sue for mortgage fraud, quiet title, wrongful foreclosure, negotiate a loan modification, or mediation settlement agreement, Resilient Group PMA can help you with people that are dedicated to helping homeowners who are struggling with foreclosure or mortgage loan problems.

Need Foreclosure help in Florida? Shockingly, many people refuse to fight a wrongful foreclosure because they believe that they simply could not afford the process but this isn’t true. Some homeowners could be owed a financial settlement but do not realize that many consumer lawyers work cases at little to no charge. A consumer lawyers can work out a plan that suits you and even collect from the financial institution should you win the case.

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Are You Looking To Avoid Foreclosure or Stop Foreclosure in Florida? RESILIENT GROUP PMA is a full service private members association dedicated to helping you save your home from foreclosure, and getting the legal remedy that law entitles you to. The proper foreclosure defense requires you to examine multiple strategies. Finding a local competent foreclosure defense attorney, or mortgage fraud attorney, can help you increase your odds of success. However you need more than just a foreclosure defense attorney or mortgage fraud attorney if you want to save money and increase your odds of success suing your mortgage lender or mortgage servicer for fraud. Open a case file right now and get the help you need to save your home from foreclosure.

One of our associated law firms can conduct a FREE CFPB audit of your loan for violations of the Dodd Frank Act and file a federal lawsuit on contingency for you to collect monetary awards of up to $10,000. For more information on this FREE CFPB audit and federal lawsuit program Click Here To Call Us Today!

You need a quiet title or wrongful foreclosure complaint that proves to the court that there are genuine issues of material facts related to the legal title of your real property and that you have been harmed.

We can show the court (judge and jury) that you are the victim of mortgage fraud and that you are lawfully entitled to the legal remedy that your complaint demands. Resilient Group PMA can provide you with the most powerful complaint that the country has ever seen, for pennies on the dollar compared to what a local attorney would charge you. That’s if you were lucky enough to find an attorney who understands uniform commercial code, revised article 9 of the UCC; table funded securitized mortgage transactions, and how to win quiet title! RESILIENT GROUP PMA can help you save up to 90% of the cost that a normal law firm would charge you for this type of quiet title or wrongful foreclosure complaint.

Don't let anyone fool you into believing that stopping a foreclosure sale or eviction, saving your home from foreclosure, suing for mortgage fraud, suing for foreclosure fraud, or winning a quiet title lawsuit or wrongful foreclosure lawsuit is easy. It can be done, but it takes more than just filing some crap lawsuit you downloaded from the internet. Winning your case will take time and money. Winning your case will require the foreclosure assistance of a trained attorney. Winning your case will take evidence and a third party expert who can provide testimony for you; remember you and your attorney cannot testify in your case. If you are serious about stopping a foreclosure or suing for quiet title or wrongful foreclosure let RESILIENT GROUP PMA help you get started on the road to victory today by contacting us now at 1-800-604-2443. Get the facts, evidence, and support that you need to save your piece of the American dream right now.

Foreclosure defense strategies can be formed in various ways. Do you know what your options are? During your free consultation, we will help you identify the appropriate courses of action that you can take to gain the legal remedy that the law entitles you to and that you deserve. RESILIENT GROUP PMA was established by real estate professionals dedicated to protecting homeowners. We are here to help you fight mortgage fraud, foreclosure fraud, and help you save your home from foreclosure. With a simple phone call, we can help save your home from foreclosure. You will become well informed of the process as well as all your options. Call RESILIENT GROUP right now at 800-604-2443 or register for a free consultation and get the help you need to save your home from foreclosure today.

Resilient Group PMA

You May Be a Victim of Mortgage Fraud or Foreclosure Fraud

It is important that you are aware of the impending issues surrounding your foreclosure. You should conduct a thorough review of all previously executed documents. If your documents contain errors, or do not contain the proper signatures, this can aid in your defense. The number of foreclosure cases suspected of fraud is increasing. Wouldn’t you want to know if you were the victim of fraud? It’s surprising to see the growing number of winning mortgage fraud cases and winning quiet title lawsuits in regards to home foreclosure.

Foreclosure Fraud and Robo-Signing Have you heard of robo-signers?

A robo-signer is an individual who is not trained in the field, has no real legal authority to sign affidavits or other important legal documents necessary to foreclosure on homeowners; nevertheless they are paid to sign thousands of foreclosure documents with false signatures, so that the mortgage lenders and mortgage services can illegally foreclose on innocent homeowners. Are all the signatures and information on your documents true and accurate? Many foreclosures attorneys do not receive a comprehensive robo-signing analysis or review of their mortgage loan and foreclosure documents to determine if all the signatures and relevant information is correct, however we do. If you want to stop a foreclosure sale or eviction, save your home from foreclosure, or sue for quiet title or wrongful foreclosure then you need to ensure you go with the right foreclosure defense team Resilient Group PMA.