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The main question to consider is did the lien's beneficial interest maintains perfection, and was it therefore eligible to be negotiated with the note in that capacity, as statutorily required?



This would require that you were the actual creditor and that you actually made that note as a “maker issuer”, for the purposes of being the beneficiary of the debt that was created. This is what the banks and their attorneys want you to believe in the matter of equity:

  • That your signature was as a maker issuer and therefore created value to the instrument
  • You negotiated with the party that you sat down at closing with
  • They accepted the instrument by negotiation
  • They were a federal reserved depository institution that could accept article three instruments by deposit
  • They gave you consideration in the form of cash, not Ultra Vires, for your promise to pay instrument executing an underlying indebtedness contract

But in an IRC 1031 Like Kind Exchange, Table Funded Securitized Mortgage Loan Transaction, that do not happen. That never happened because the negotiation, acceptance, and consideration is not what a table funded securitization transaction is.

You see the money is not created from your signature, negotiated, and then the note negotiated between state to state physically. That doesn't happen in a table funded transaction. Rather it's in direct reverse engineer – the money was created from the sale of the certificates and the special deposit, special purpose vehicle on Wall Street. They take the certificate holders funds to the securities to special deposit the pool of assets.

That pool of assets is used in the SPV alternative investment opportunity through the warehouse line of credit, and that's what the sponsor bank is using as the table funding credit in the transaction itself. It is legally IMPOSSIBLE to attach article 9 to the UCC receivables (securities) to enforce a lien on real property.

Therefore if your mortgage loan contract was converted into a Mortgage Backed Security and sold to a Trust than your real property could be unsecured; just like an unsecured credit card debt. If that is the case you may want to consider filing a Quiet Title Lawsuit so you can get clear and free title to your home!

Our primary focus is helping you get clear and marketable title to your real property by arguing that the actions of the banks have made the security provisions of the mortgage/deed of trust unenforceable as a matter of law.

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